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The Empathy Initiative feature on Culture of Empathy

Tracy Levett-Jones and The Empathy Initiative was recently featured on leading empathy where she was interviewed by Edwin Rutsh. In the interview Tracy outlined the aims and vision of the Empathy Initiative and described some of the work undertaken by different members of the research group.


Virtual museum to inspire empathy in healthcare

A team of academics at UTS in Sydney are leading a first-of-its-kind ‘Virtual Empathy Museum’ (VEM) - an innovative digital resource funded by an Australian Technology Network of Universities grant. The museum is a collection of educational resources that health professionals and students can use to improve empathy in healthcare.

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Teaching empathy via temporary tattoos 

Medical school, studies indicate, is where altruistic students lose some of the empathy that drew them into the healing profession in the first place. But if being jaded is a learned behaviour, the ability to share in patients’ feelings may be as well writes Amitha Kalaichandran, Boston Globe.

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"Making It Real": How live mental healthcare simulations encourage student empathy

According to UTS Health academic Fiona Orr, empathy – the process of stepping into someone's shoes and attempting to connect and understand how they are thinking and feeling – is an "absolutely essential" component of working as an effective health care professional. 

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Hearing Voices Day and Australian complementary medicine use

The article contains transcript of discussion for insight into the life of someone who hears multiple voices, ahead of Hearing Voices Day and predictors of complementary and alternative medicine use in Australia.