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Transformational Empathy Journeys from Classrooms to Villages in India

Transformational Empathy Journeys draws together a program of embedding empathy learning into university experience, both at home and abroad. Read more about this work here. This poster was presented by Nathan Wiltshire at the European Association of International Education (EAIE) conference; Geneva, Switzerland. September, 12th 2019.

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The implementation and evaluation of an innovative and immersive disability empathy simulation

This presentation profiled the results from a study that explored the impact of a disability simulation on nursing students’ empathy scores and satisfaction with the simulation experience. Presented at The International Clinical Skills Conference: Prato, Italy. May 23, 2017

From culture shock to cultural empathy to cultural competence: An innovative 3D immersive simulation experience

This presentation profiled the results from a study that explored the impact of an immersive 3D cultural on nursing students’ cultural empathy, attitudes and behavioural intentions in relation to cultural competence and satisfaction with the cultural simulation.Presented at SIMGHOSTS 2016 Symposium: Melbourne, Australia. July 5, 2016

Empathy … What we though we knew and why it matters.

This presentation explored the meaning of empathy, the relationship between empathy and patient outcomes, and the mandate for teaching empathy skills. Presented at the Australasian Nurse Educator Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand. September 29, 2017

Compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue in Australian intensive care units